First ever feature points based cross platform meshing solution for ARCore and ARKit

We are happy to announce our alpha version of first ever feature points based meshing solution for ARCore and ARKit. With our spatial mapping you can create a mesh and enable occlusions inside your mobile app.

Code is running on top of ARCore and ARKit with Unity. All calculations are made on CPU with our custom algorithms.

While there is still some work ahead of us (improve mesh merging and cleaning, some perf and so on), please let us know ( if you are interested in the beta program and what is important for you:
- Quality of the mesh?
- Are you fine with some holes or you need mesh to be perfect?
- Do you care about mesh with texturing, vertex color or just occlusion?
- Is it important for you to be cross platform?
- Are you individual or a company?
- Are you building games or apps (retail or enterprise)?

All of these will help us prioritize the work and make sure the most important features will be ready on time.

Binary Banana team